Blogs and RSS Feeds

I located and bookmarked (and should also list in Diigo) many great blogs.  The resources this week were really helpful. I loved the idea of using blogs as a way to be a life long learner and loved the perspective that this is critical to promote learning among our students. YES!

I created a private account at Bloglines based on recommendations. I added most of the public health blogs below as RSS feeds under a tab labeled “public health”.


Now, I get my own tailored public health “newspaper” daily.


These blogs could also be used to enhance learning in many ways.

First, students may choose one blog (or more) and use the journal or discussion board to summarize and evaluate the postings, every other week or so. This would allow the students to serve as the reporters and teach one another. We know that students retain 90% when they teach to others (as opposed to only 5-10% from a lecture!) so this would be an effective activity to introduce students to CURRENT public health topics. Here are some of the blogs I bookmarked that I could allow students to choose from for this activity:

In addition, I would like to expand the above activity and encourage students to pursue the web for blogs in their specific public health interest areas. These resources could be shared with others efficiently through a course Wiki.

Here are TT1221 resources:

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