Reusing Podcasts, Videos, etc

There are many ready-made quality resources available to include in our courses. Using these material adds QUALITY and is a STRENGTH to online teaching. Finding these resources will vary by discipline.

The CDC (Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention), for example, has many videos and podcasts that would enhance a public health course. Here is an example of a 15-minute streaming  video on healthy community design.  The video covers important topics such as urban sprawl and public health and 7 health community design principles. I currently use this video by requiring students watch it (LEARN) and then participate in a discussion board that prompts specific questions (i.e. “What is urban sprawl and how does this design influence public health?”) and I ask the students to post the 2 largest take-aways from the video.

iTunesU is also a valuable tool for ready-made materials. Access these materials through your iTunes and click on your subject area to review.

Here are some TT1221 resources:

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