Prezi for Teaching (& introduction to MOOCs)

I developed my first Prezi on MOOCs. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. These courses are generally free of charge and open to anyone who wants to learn the skill or gain the mastery covered. My Prezi below highlights a few examples of current MOOCs. Stanford University research professor, Dr. Thurman, for example, delivered a MOOC in Fall 2011 entitled “Artificial Intelligence” and had over 160,000 students enroll from 190 countries.  A recent NYT article (March, 2012) describes the MOOC as a way to “democratize higher education.” MOOCs offerings are fast increasing especially among elite universities as described in this (April, 2012) Inside Higher Ed article.

View my Prezi “MOOC in Higher Education” here:

Prezi is an interesting tool for teaching. In some ways, I think it may be more complicated than other methods for communicating information. There is a lot of screening in and out and some have said they feel “dizzy” after watching one.  But a well-designed Prezi may be more helpful than a traditional PowerPoint when the learner is just “flipping through” the slides without the speaker or narration. This is because the Prezi grounds the viewer in the context and reference visually. Main points can be more easily discerned visually and intuitively (if Prezi is organized and clear) than with a linear PowerPoint presentation.

More resources from TT1221:

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